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Daniel Roxin
Thea Dragan


Ana Florina Fecioru
Andreea Petruescu
Adriana Melinte
Andrei Savinescu
Andra Musatescu
Alexandru Farcas
Alina Alexe
Claudia Nistor
Cosmina Toma
Diana Susman
Diana Primejdie Ciuflea
Doina Iov
Lucian Blaga
Lucia Bondar
Mihaela Dumitrache
Monica Ioana Dorgo
Silviu Panait
Ramona Trifan
Teodora Ema 
Adrian Petrisor
Andrei Dumitrache
Cezar Machidon
Dan Cristian Mihailescu
Dan Dinu
Daniel Pascau
Dragos Grijincu
Eduard Gutescu
Ioan Ovidiu Lazar
Ionut Olari
Ionut Vlad
Sorin Onisor
Toma Bonciu











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The ‘Wonderful Romania’ project sets itself to be a place where everyone can fill one’s soul with the beauty of these lands, a place in which Romanians will be able to rediscover their identity, and also an instrument of acknowledgment for the foreigners that want to know more about our country.